Roll Up, Roll Up for the Nearly Wild Camping Trial

Things are coming along nicely at Nearly Wild HQ and we have got the application form for this summers trial up and running.

We are looking for some volunteer campers and sites to trial the Nearly Wild camping concept in Wales this summer. Read on to find out what it involves…

If you’re a camper…

We will have a selection of sites in Wales, of varying wildness, which we would ask you to try out at least two of before September. We will ask for feedback on each of the sites and then we will send you a survey at the end of the trial to get your overall feedback and ideas for taking this forward. There would be no membership fee, but you would still need to pay the small nightly fee to the landowner (£10 per tent)

Once you sign up we will get in touch with the list of potential wild camping sites and the wild camping code of conduct and wish you a fun-filled, nearly wild camping summer!

If you are a potential site…

We will have some volunteer campers lined up and we would ask you to host at least three sets before September. We will ask for your feedback after each visit and will send you a survey at the end of the trial as well as coming and having a chat to get your feedback and ideas for improvement. There would be no registration fee for the trial and you would still get paid the nightly fee of £10 per tent.

Once you sign up we will get in touch to make sure you’re happy with everything and that we have the site profile correct then we will add you to the list of potential wild camping sites, which we will distribute to the volunteer campers.

So are you up for it? If you are then why not fill out our sparkly new application form? It’s going to be a great summer.

Welcome to the Nearly Wild Camping Blog

Whatever your idea of wild, Nearly Wild Camping lets you get away from conventional campsites and experience wilder places, being comfortable to enjoy the experience with friends and family, knowing you can camp there and what facilities are available.

Nearly Wild CampingWe use a star system, similar to that used for tourist accommodation, but working in reverse, with the wildest places scoring the highest!

We are trialling the idea in Powys this summer and if successful Nearly Wild Camping will be set up as a national membership organisation. In addition to an annual fee, campers would pay the landowner a small camp fee per night. All of the information and site details would be web-based, with campers booking directly with the landowner.

Keep an eye on this blog for updates on how the trial is going and how you can get involved.