We are crowd funding from early April

We are crowd funding from early April to help us launch Nearly Wild Camping – so watch this space.

We have a plan and oh so nearly have a website and an actual official Nearly Wild Camping co-operative and so now we just need to tell everyone about it! We can do a little bit with the remainder of the interest free loan from the Evisons and all of our goodwill and enthusiasm, but our resources are running pretty low. So in order to get this off the ground we asking for everyone’s help. We are hoping to raise £3,300 through a crowdfunding campaign to pay for us to go to the smallholders show and others and to get some proper promotional material made. We really need to get the word out about Nearly Wild Camping because the more Nearly Wild locations there are and the more people there are visiting them this year the more awesome it will be.

And you are our key players, as people already in the know we are counting on you to help us get the Crowdfunding campaign off to a flying start. And as a thank you we have devised lots of exciting rewards that supporters can get.

Thank you so much for your support already through all of the long birthing process and I can’t wait to make this happen together.

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