Why co-operate? Because everyone benefits

Nearly Wild Camping’s a co-operative because everyone benefits from being involved – locations and campers

When we were deciding what business structure to use for Nearly Wild Camping, Steve had an epiphany moment when he realised that it should be a co-operative. That’s because it isn’t just about a couple of people running a website, if it was then it really wouldn’t be very interesting. It is about all of the Nearly Wild locations working together and supporting each other to make Nearly Wild Camping work for them, including group discounts and sharing good advice and giving the campers amazing experiences.

It is also about the Nearly Wild Campers being able to review the locations, suggest improvements to how it runs and supporting the location owners to make a living from their little bit of wild. We are just the intermediaries and any money coming our way is for running the services for everyone’s benefit, such as the website.

Also the collective genius of all our members is going to make a much better service than anything we could come up with on our own!

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