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Whatever your idea of wild, Nearly Wild Camping lets you get away from conventional campsites and experience wilder places, being comfortable to enjoy the experience with friends and family, knowing you can camp there and what facilities are available.

We use a star system, similar to that used for tourist accommodation, but working in reverse, with the wildest places scoring the highest!

We are trialing the idea in Wales this summer and if successful Nearly Wild Camping will be set up as a national organisation.  We are still working out how to best run it, but at the moment it is looking like in addition to an annual fee, campers would pay the landowner a small camp fee per night.  All of the information and site details would be web-based, with campers booking directly with the landowner.

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This trial has been fortunate enough to receive funding through the Rural Development Plan for Wales 2007-2013 which is funded by the Welsh Government and the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development.

Our funders

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